It’s time for the third part of our series dedicated to the women in Peru! After having presented to you, the women of the pre-Columbian time until the Inca Empire in the first part of our series “Peru in the feminine”, then those who took part in the process of the Independence of Peru, in

Back in 2023, this article is dedicated to the women of our century. Those that you will meet during your stay in Peru and those that live daily in the city or in the countryside. So vast is the territory that it is difficult to summarize the condition of the woman of Peru in a

The camelids Camelids are mammals that originated from North America. They disappeared from the North American continent as they spread to South America, Asia and Africa, where they survived to give rise to modern species. Do you really know the difference between the four different camelids present in Peru? Se llama llama ¡Se llama llama!

Agua de Florida is a very popular lotion or perfume in many South American countries, particularly in Peru. Indeed, the classic and original version of this lotion was invented by Murray & Lanman, in Peru, in the 1800s. This water is also known as “Agua de Colonia” or “Colonia de Azahar”. The ingredients of Agua

During the quarantine, as us, even you are impatient to get off the beaten track. Especially to discover the little unknown jewels of the Mother Nature! So impatient to enjoy once again a Sunday break to venture out in the heart of the Andes. While waiting for this precious moment, we decided to share with