Pasión Andina is the meeting of 4 friends, sharing the same passion for the Andes and South America, its history, its culture still alive, and the unique landscapes of a land in perpetual movement. Based in Cusco, Pasión Andina is an agency of size and human philosophy. We spend our year accompanying groups and developing our social involvement on the spot. Our skills and passion allow us to offer you the most exciting adventures, perfectly tailored to your expectations, while participating in a responsible trip. Our travels are at the meeting of the local people and their living culture. Gastronomy, village festivals, meetings, you will live South America from the inside.


Bertrand Gross, Pasión Andina

A graduate of the EHL, entrepreneur and consultant in community tourism, with 15 years of experience in South America, Bertrand is the founder of Pasión Andina. Practicing walking, biking, paragliding, it will organize an active and unforgettable holiday, meeting the local people and their culture that he appreciates so much. In an ever more standardized world, its objective is to enhance the Andean culture in the eyes of all, in order to preserve the richness of the differences.

Lionel Stoller Tour Operator, Pasión Andina
Lionel Stoller, Pasión Andina

A graduate of the Swiss Tourism School of Sierre (HES-SO), Lionel joined Pasión Andina in 2010, first as an intern, then collaborator, and finally associate. It’s been almost 10 years since he took our groups off the beaten path with the sole purpose of sharing his PASSION for the Andes. Fond of photography and discoveries, with an innate sense of service and always looking for new itineraries, he will offer you the journey of your dreams!!

Aquino Huilcas
Aquino Huilcas

A Quechua-educated tourist Guide, speaking Spanish, French and English, specialising in cultural tourism, Aquino has been practicing his profession with enthusiasm for 15 years. Passionate among other things Quechua traditions, fauna and flora for medicinal use, he likes to be able to share his knowledge with the visitors. Yachai, Munay, Llancay! Learn, love and work! This is the Inca motto he likes to practice. Aquino is a friend you won’t forget.

Alexandre Hadjimanolis Tour Operator, Pasión Andina
Alexandre Hadjimanolis, Pasión Andina

A graduate of a Master in tourism and leisure Management at the ESTHUA, Globetrotter, a sports enthusiast, this “aficionado” of great spaces has now set a new challenge: you take to discover the most beautiful landscapes of Latin America, Always trying to drive you to a maximum off the beaten path and to the most ready of the local population of which he himself totally fell under the spell.


Share our PASSION for these beautiful lands and offer you an extraordinary experience during your trip. Every member of our team will do everything possible to make your journey an adventure that will forever be engraved in your memories. Our professionalism, our attention to detail and our innovation differentiate us. We make it a point of honor to offer you a privileged contact with our local operators (omg guide, driver, host family, etc.) while at the same rate the above average. We respect and value their traditions. Our quality guarantee is our large team of friends with the vocation of service and the pride of being able to present their corner of the Earth.


Group trips and individual trips


Thanks to our knowledge of the field, you have the choice between several different and original circuits, whether you will be in private or in a group to reduce your costs and share with many this unique experience! Also, if you want to create your itinerary, we will help you personalize it and you will of course count on our support of advice and logistics.

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