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Pasión Andina

Meeting the Quechua

Highlights! Sharing with local families - Flight of the Condors to the Colca Canyon - Stay on Lake Titicaca -
Pasion Andina

Wonders of the South

Highlights! Visit of the Ballestas Islands - Flight of the Condors to the Colca Canyon - Stay on the Titicaca,
Saltdesert Uyuni - Quechua and Aymara Lands

Quechua and Aymara Lands

Visit of Cusco and the Sacred Valley - Discovery of Machu Picchu, one of the New 7 Wonders of the
Aguas Turquesas - Huancaraylla - Millpu - Ayacucho - Andes Centrales - Pasion Andina - Nature - Natural Wonder - Wild - Piscinas

Peruvian Central Andes

Highlights! Experience aboard the mythical "Tintin train" from Lima to Huancayo - City Tour in Lima, the South American capital

Your advantages


In 2021, Pasión Andina has been celebrating its 12th anniversary! Before that, we have crisscrossed the continent and gained an excellent knowledge of the terrain.


We love South America and its people. Our travels value the local culture and allow mutual enrichment.

Value for money

We work without intermediaries, with our local teams. You pay less and they receive a better price for their services.


We are craftsmen eager to transmit our passion. Your desires are unique, your journey will be unique too.


We are quality maniacs. With our organisation, you will fully enjoy your discoveries without any worries!


Whether it is during the preparation or during the trip itself, we assure you a permanent contact with our high quality team.


In a process of sustainable tourism and promotion of traditions and cultures, Pasión Andina is committed to various solidarity and environmental actions.

In order to positively impact on the local economy,  benefiting to our direct local partners, our trips are designed around two fundamental principles: respectful stays and alternative itineraries promoting exchanges and meetings. A solidarity percentage included in the price of your tour allows you to help improve the living conditions of local communities and protect the environment.

By traveling with our agency Pasion Andina, you participate to the development of the local economy and take part in improving the daily life of the Peruvian population at large. Indeed Pasion Andina has been developing partnerships and supporting associative projects in the areas of childhood, employment, education, health and the environment for many years now.

Pasion Andina

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