How can we talk about Peru without talking about Pisco? More than just an alcohol, Pisco is a national pride, a central piece of the culture, history, traditions and local gastronomy. Talking about Peru without mentioning this monument that is Pisco would be a bit like presenting Colombia without its salsa, Holland without its tulips,

Strolling through the many markets of the country, you will surely cross the path of one of these strange and unique fruits. What do they look like and how do they taste? We’ll explain everything in this article. The Grenadelle or Granadilla This fruit originated from the Andes and began to be cultivated already in

In this period of quarantine, we know that you are all impatient to get off the beaten track to discover the little unknown jewels of our dear Mother Nature! Let’s be honest, we feel exactly the same. So impatient to enjoy once again a Sunday break to venture out in the heart of the Andes.