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What to take in my luggage?

Basic principle

First of all, you have to know that you will find everything (or almost) on the spot, and this often at a better price, so don’t worry about forgetting something! You will probably want to bring back some souvenirs, for example traditional textiles in alpaca (pullovers, beanies, bags, etc.), in this case plan to place in your luggage! You will also have the possibility to offer to an association or community some objects of which you would no longer have the useful in Switzerland (more than clothes that we find in quantity here, an old bag of travel/mountain, a sleeping bag, pens, notebooks for Children, etc.). Your help will be welcome in the Andes. So philosophy is a full bag to go as well as to return!

Take Away Hardware

Passport and 2 copies  Visa (if necessary) Travel Insurance (mandatory) and copy
Air tickets and copy Certification Vaccination Yellow fever (if visiting the Amazon) Currency in USD., Euros or local
1 large bag and 1 small bag (preferably back or duffel) Camera  Binoculars
Reading/writing materials Flashlight 2 comfortable trousers (type trekking)
1 shorts, 3 T-shirts, 1 big sweater Warm underwear  Cap
 Waterproof and warm jacket Good shoes Small towel and bath business
Toilet Kit Protection against sun and insects  Medications you usually take
 Basic First Aid Kit  Bandages, disinfectant, tape, 1 painkiller, 1 deinflammatory  Immodium, broad-spectrum antibiotic, mosquito repellent, lip stick
For any other questions

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