Agua de Florida is a very popular lotion or perfume in many South American countries, particularly in Peru. Indeed, the classic and original version of this lotion was invented by Murray & Lanman, in Peru, in the 1800s. This water is also known as “Agua de Colonia” or “Colonia de Azahar”. The ingredients of Agua

Grey sky, cold, rain, covid and threat of a new strict confinement … here is the situation of this month of January 2021 in Cusco. Not really cheerfull you will say  … and we will not desagree with you ! While a certain moroseness seizes the daily life of the inhabitants of the ancient capital

The historic centre of the city of Cusco is full of history and unusual details. Amongst others, the seven streets that begin with the number seven. This number is considered sacred in many cultures. Among the Incas, the number 7 is linked, among other things, to the rainbow, one of the most important natural phenomena

Choquechaka, Tandapata, Atoqsaykuchi, Teqsecocha, …. here are some of the many names you may have read on the street signs in Cusco during your last stay in the ancient capital of the Inca Empire. “Funny”, “Exotic” or “Unpronounceable”, these names in Quechua may seem complicated, but in reality they represent one of the richest and

The diversity of Peru is often highlighted when one takes a little interest in the country by reading or watching reports. Quickly we can realize, through reading, that this great South American country is full of distinct wonders! Indeed, the great strength of this country is to have 3 very different areas; the Pacific Coast,

During a trip to Peru in our company, you may have the opportunity to visit coffee plantations. It is an activity that we like to offer because it allows us to get closer to the locals, to let the farming families benefit from the direct effects of tourism and to propose an activity in contact

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During the quarantine, as us, even you are impatient to get off the beaten track. Especially to discover the little unknown jewels of the Mother Nature! So impatient to enjoy once again a Sunday break to venture out in the heart of the Andes. While waiting for this precious moment, we decided to share with