Pasion Andina

Cachicata Trail – Inca Quarry Trek

3 days - 2 nights - Unique landscapes - Discovery of the Perolniyoc waterfall - Passage to the sun gate - Very little frequented path in the heart of the Andes
per person
Rafting - Rio Chili - Arequipa - Adventure - Nature - Peru - Pasion Andina -

Chile River Rafting Arequipa – Rio Chili Tour

Half-day activity on Rio Chile - Family activity supervised by professionals of the sector
per person
Machu Picchu Pasion Andina

Classic Peru-Bolivia

21 days / 20 nights Visit of Lima, city of the Kings - Experience in the heart of the Peruvian dunes - Stay in Colca, home of the famous condors - Stay on Lake Titicaca - 3 days of 4x4 between the Salar d'Uyuni and the Bolivian South Lipez - Visit of Cusco, navel of the world for the Incas - Discovery of a new wonder of the world : Machu Picchu
Pasión Andina

Meeting the Quechua

Highlights! Sharing with local families - Flight of the Condors to the Colca Canyon - Stay on Lake Titicaca - Visit one of the new wonders of the world, Machu Picchu.